Which CBD product shall I choose?

by Sophia Ali |


This is probably the most frequent question we get asked! Followed by the request 'what dosage would you recommend?'.

Alas, there is no quick or direct answer. It is true that UK guidelines makes it clear that food supplement companies cannot recommend a product for a customer, nor the exact dosage. This is with good reason and in place to protect the customer. We are not medical practitioners. However, all Amma Life CBD products do come with general guidelines on usage and dosage instructions as recommended by the Food Standards Agency.

At Amma Life, our PASSION is to help make the most innovative, potent and bio-available CBD products available to our customers. Our VISION is for hemp products to help people live the healthiest lives possible whilst being of benefit to the Earth too. This is our field of expertise. We can also give you more information about each product and a set of simple questions to help you choose a product that may suit you. Please follow the link here.

Back towards the end of 2014, I became the Co-Founder of Amma Life with the amazing Kirk Thompson. This was before CBD and cannabinoids had hit the media spotlight! We were one of the original CBD companies in the UK, excited to promote the wonders of cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system with audiences across the country, through a series of talks.

Previously, before the days of Amma Life, I have had a long-standing career as a health practitioner in a range of natural therapies including Chinese medicine, shiatsu, reflexology, Reiki and many other healing arts. Almost 20 years of working as a practitioner with my clients, showed me time and time again, the true experts are always the clients themselves. When we go inward, we begin to connect and understand what we intrinsically need. This is often true on all levels, whether it is to do with our emotional needs or physical health. Our body and system is always communicating to us. 

This has also been reflected with our Amma Life customers, most of whom will agree that they will find a dosage level that suits them within a 2 week period. By starting on a low-medium dosage (as recommended on the label) then gradually increase or decrease the dosage each day until they find a good fit.

As we are all individuals with a unique response to everything in life, including CBD. The best way to know what Amma Life CBD product suits you most is to give a product a try and observe how you find it. We sell most products in sample sizes such as the 5ml water soluble CBDX spray or the 30% CBD paste in a 1g size so that people can try out different CBD products. If you try a product and it does not seem the best fit, please remember that the potent CBD in the food supplement will still be working with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to support your body to shift towards a greater state of well-being. 

We will cover the ECS in more detail in another blog coming soon!


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Disclaimer: Please note, Amma Life CBD products are food supplements and not medical grade hemp or CBD products for medical purposes. We do not add CBD isolates to our products, as the hemp we use has been grown to contain a naturally rich, whole plant extract.