A Big Thank You to Everyone: CBD Vs Cannabis Oil Talk Oct 2015

by Sophia Ali |

Amma Life CBD Vs Cannabis Talk Bristol Green Capital 2015

What an AMAZING talk we gave as part of the Bristol Green Capital week 2015.

We covered the history of Medicinal Marijuana use from 12,000BC all the way through to the most current research on cannabinoids, including our favorite compound Cannabidiol (CBD). Everyone left the room completely awakened to what our Endocannabinoid system is and how to support it for better health.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that came along. It was a fantastic event! We appreciate all the many Thank You's and encouraging comments!


Attendee Feedback:

'Just wanted to say a a BIG thank you for a very informative talk today'. Georgie

'Thank you both for the talk today...We all found it interesting and you and K both made it not seem like school!' Neil

We are both feeling blessed that our passion can bring empowering knowledge to help others make their own informed choices.


Sophia & K

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