CBD Oil Vs Cannabis Oil: The Revival of Ancient Medicine

by Sophia Ali |

CBD Oil Vs Cannabis Oil: The Revival of Ancient Medicine


 By Amma Life Founders Sophia Ali (Public Health MSc, Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu & Reflexology Practitioner) and Kirk Thompson (NLP Master Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator in Business & the Creative Arts).

CBD Oil Explained

 The hemp plant has been hitting the headlines in recent times due to a very special compound it shares with its controversial sister plant cannabis. Just discussing the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids found in either cannabis or hemp can feel uncomfortable to many people, as cannabis remains to be a controversial topic in the UK.

So let us start by stating that CBD Oil produced from special strains of CBD-rich hemp is totally legal! This is due to hemp’s low THC (psycho-active) content. Maybe you have even read about some people’s extraordinary journey and the amazing effects hemp CBD Oil has had on a range of debilitating health issues, as these stories begin to frequent the National Press? 

Our journey started in a similar way a few years ago when we came across a story of a young girl who suffered from a rare form of epilepsy (Dravet syndrome) and experienced hundreds of seizures per week. As a last resort her parents and a US physician used CBD oil with life changing benefits. Within weeks, this girl’s seizures reduced to only several per month. Her story is often referred to as Charlotte’s Web due to a special strain of the plant grown to help the little girl named Charlotte. This story has put Colorado on the map and contributed to the medical use of marijuana in certain US states due to such life-enhancing effects that is backed by extensive research. The good news in the UK, is that the key compound scientific research has shown to offer health benefits, comes from the compound CBD that is also found in HEMP (a legal plant)!


What is CBD Oil?

We were curious to know how a compound from a natural plant could have such powerful effects. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is one of approximately 85 cannabinoids found in both the hemp and cannabis plant. CBD is extracted either with olive oil or a CO2 method and usually mixed with an oil base to form CBD oil. A few drops of the oil are added to the tongue several times per day. This can be enough to work with our body’s most important physiological system to promote healing at a cellular level, with the recently discovered ENDOCANNABINOID System (ES). Please note, high levels of CBD are only found in special strains of hemp produced for this purpose and that cold pressed hemp oils generally do not contain CBD.


The Endocannabinoid System Explained:

Only 20 years ago, scientists discovered that the ES is a central component of the health and healing of every human system (and most animal systems too). This endogenous cannabinoid system, is named after the plant as both hemp and cannabis contain compounds that work directly with this natural system. It was through researching how cannabinoids work in the body that led to its original discovery. Scientists are calling this the MOST important physiological system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.


Endocannabinoids occur naturally in the human system and their receptors are found throughout the body; in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: HOMEOSTASIS. This explains why CBD is linked to extensive research that shows how cannabinoids show signs of helping improve so many varied conditions from Alzheimer’s, reducing the growth rate of cancer cells, asthma, chronic pain, glaucoma, sleep problems, stroke and anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder, auto-immune illness such as MS & fibromyalgia, muscle spasms and more.



Thousands of Peer Reviewed Research Available:

There are numerous gold standard, academic research articles available via credible sites such as Pub Med on how Cannabidiol (CBD) can help almost every human disease in the body. This is due to CBD’s unique properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardio-protectant, neuro-protectant, cancer cell inhibitor, relaxant etc. Here is our website that has links to interesting articles in the cannabinoid field:



How to find out more:

We are a Bristol company that specialise in sourcing high quality CBD oil produced from legally grown hemp. We will be running a series of introductory talks on the Endocannabinoid System and cannabinoid science during the course of 2015 in and around Bristol. This talk will give you more insight about this incredible system, nature's medicinal plant hemp that contains the essential compound CBD (Cannabidiol) and mimics endogenous cannabinoids produced naturally by the human system. This talk will be packed will interesting facts and cutting edge research on the benefits of CBD Oil (produced from special strains of hemp) and life changing testimonials from our Amma Life customers. Below are further details of the next talk booked for Bristol.


CBD Oil Vs Cannabis Oil: The Revival of Ancient Medicine

Lunchtime Talk: 12:30 – 13:45 on Friday 16th October 2015

Health Hub (upstairs in Natural Health Clinic), Cotham Hill


Please email us at to book a place for this or other talks. Join our Amma Life mailing list (send us an email with a request) to get regular newsletters to stay connected about upcoming Amma Life events, special discounts and ground breaking research. You can also go to to sign up/contact us.

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